A brownie of yet a different color

I found another reason I'm turning into my Nanny other than the reclusive hermit/crochet thing. I've made her brownie recipe twice in two weeks. Instead of green brownies and icing, it was orange today. Actually, the brownies were kind of red and the frosting was a beautiful shade of orange, just for Peyton. Nanny never made colored brownies though.

Paige, Peyton and I shared the afternoon playing Moon. As best as I could teach Peyton anyway. She actually did well, and Dad got into watching us, and later playing 42 without counting count to make it like Moon for 4 with partners.

I must say, I got my fill of it though.

I'd write more, but I really need to do something that I shouldn't have put off until after 9:30 tonight. What did you do today to make the weekend special?