Gotta have something to look forward to

I'm kind of empty on blog topics tonight, quite frankly. That's what happens when you have only walked out to the mailbox in order to get out of the house and the only person you have talked to on the phone was a wrong number.

I must make some plans to leave the house. Something beyond "are you free the second Saturday in April for another singles get together?" Poor Rachel, aka Rebekah. She was the person who got the answer that was something like "really, I'm in a mood, and I really don't give a flying fig what theme the event has because no one is going to show up." I have a number of rants along those lines and some of the other things that came up in regards to said event that really have nothing to do with her.

All I know is that next Friday, I have seats 14 rows from the field for Opening Day for the Texas Rangers. I am ready to get out of the house and go on my annual tradition.

After that, I need something to look forward to. You have to have plans in order to keep yourself going through the same ol' same ol'.

And I don't mean a family reunion the first weekend of May. That doesn't get me going either.

Here's the door prize I'm working on for that event. The middle square and tan around it were done by my grandmother, and the rest is my handiwork since Saturday night. I did get the brown started here at the left done last night. The unfortunate thing about doing it this way instead of rows is that it of course takes longer and longer to get a color finished the further along you get. It feels like I am getting no where now.