Please, don't let me turn out like my mother (grandmother)

This starts off as an absolutely pointless story. It actually ends that way too. 

I'm not much of a polished fingernail kind of girl. Never have been really. For the last I am not sure how long, a while now, I've ended up biting or picking my nails off. If they happened to get long, they'd also bug me typing (they may have to be dealt with soon). In the past five weeks, however, my nails have grown back out. Imagine that. Anyone I make that comment to says that it makes sense. 

Anyway, I wanted very pale purple nail polish on a whim. However, I didn't find as light as I wanted, but anyway, they are currently purple.

I am 35 years old, and I knew I was going to my parents house and almost took off the color just so my mother would not make issue of it. Yes, I seriously thought this. Just leave me alone.

So, at the end of the meal, I was talking, with my hands as I tend to do and she interrupts me.

"Oh my goodness, your nails are a color. I don't think I've ever seen your nails a color. Clear yes, color no. Let me see them!"

"NO GRANDMOTHER!!!" This I exclaim while crossing my arms and trying to finish telling my story to my father.

That shut her up very quick and made my dad crack up with, "she got you!"

You see, my grandmother is always one to look at jewelry, "I don't remember that ring." 

"I got it 10 years ago, and you've tried it on numerous times."

Or look at the length of your fingernails.

I kid you not. I think I spend most of my time around her not showing my hands or wearing new jewelry I got for Christmas at the risk of being self conscious. 

I hope I'm not that way to Paige and Peyton or their kids in 20 years. Please, oh please, let it skip a generation.


In other news, I'm getting really close to having the ugly blanket finished and am trying to decide how my contest is going to go for giving it away. Details coming soon!

Day 16 was another day of untying knots only to run out of the color before I got to the end

Day 17

Day 18 - I hated this yarn. First, it gets caught with the hook in a strange way that makes it a pain to use. Second, I ran out of the blue before the end of the line. Third, I kept trying to unknot my mess - probably spent hours, then finally just cut it loose and trashed the rest.

 Day 19

Day 20

Day 21 - I started the border

Day 22

Day 23

I figure I have two more days for all the border I plan to do.