Spring Break in Texas

Goodness knows that I've not experienced Spring Break for a number of years myself. My spring breaks also often resembled some of my vacations from past years. And I'm talking about the ones where I stayed home. I didn't have to exterminate (my house or my head) on Spring Break, but I had other things that weren't pleasant.

That's really not the point.

The point is that you can tell it is Spring Break in Texas by the weather. Today at whatever time the kids got out of school, marked the beginning. It was rainy and in the 40s. The last cold snap, front, or whatever you choose to call it always hits at Spring Break. It may have been 80 a week ago, but sure enough, it always happens.

I seriously don't know how many times I have put up the blankets I put on top of my bed and had to turn around two days later and get them back out. Or how many times I have had to go from A/C to heater at my house lately.

The good news for all the kids out there is that after the weekend, it's supposed to warm back up again.

And as a special treat, I share with you an email that Paige sent all her family members earlier. My dear sweet 10 year old Paige is quickly turning into a sure enough pre-teen as of late.:

Dear Everyone On My Contact List,

                           You should know that this coming week is Spring Break! Lucky for all us schoolers we get the whole week of and do as we please while all you old guys have to work your tails off. Knowing me and my family we would usually go on an adventure some where across the country and I would send you emails on how each day of our adventure went, but since the week after Spring Break is Youth Expo I didn't want to leave my little babies actually they're not little or babies at all! They're big, healthy, fat piggies (like Paw-Pawl no just kidding!) I am going to stay with my Daddy while Pepe and Mommy go to Wyoming. I know you probably don't want to hear boring emails about my normal Spring Break but, knowing me this my be the best Stay At Home Spring Break Emails anyone had ever read!

                                                        Love Your Daughter, Niece, Grand-Daughter, Great-Grand-Daughter, Sister, Cousin,