I should have my head examined

I know the title of the post doesn't surprise anyone and most of you would attest to that fact. I was seriously having this thought as I was out and about today.

The past few weeks, I've spent more than the normal amount of time within the confines of my home. Once I was told my job would not exist at the end of February, there was no point in working all the extra hours I had been. I've spent more weekends doing nothing than normal. More evenings just hanging out on my beloved purple living room furniture.

This week, I started working from home. One or two days, I didn't even leave the house. Yesterday, I got out at lunch and went to Dollar General for the heck of it. I don't go to Dollar General for the heck of it.

Because the main road to get to/from my parents house is closed down for construction, I opt not to go over there because it's a pain to get there. 

I give all this background to say, I'm to the point that it doesn't take much to get me out of the house so that I don't become the hermit I've been on the road to for a while now.

My mother called me around lunch time saying that she found coupons to Bealls, did I want to go? Oh, ok. I don't go out there to our most pathetic excuse of a mall in the US because, well, if you live in "The Can" you know why. If you don't, just take my word for it.

Then, I had to go to Walmart with her on a Saturday to look for something I told her she would not find. Going to Walmart on a Saturday is against my religion. Especially on a cold and rainy one.

Once I got home, I settled in and watched a marathon of Ink Masters. For someone that could be voted "America's Person Most Unlikely to Get a Tattoo", I sure watch a bunch of tattoo shows, even if I napped through part of an episode.

Why I did that, I really don't have a good answer. Like I said, I need my head examined.