Help me plan my Northwest vacation!

Finally, I have the right idea about something. While the population of all of Texas is roasting away in 100+ heat, my friend and I are going on a trip to the northwest where the high will be at least 30 degrees cooler.

Based on this fact alone, Rakia has already decided she may not return to Texas in a few weeks.

This has me worried about being able to fit thicker clothes in my 1 suitcase I plan on taking. But, not that worried.

At first, we were going to completely wing it. Now, we've decided we need to do some planning. But, we're also kind of clueless about the area and how to navigate it.

Here is where I'm looking for advice and feedback:

  • What activities are a must in the following cities?
    • Seattle
    • Portland
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
    • Any places in between
  • We're flying into Seattle and will most likely get a rental car at some point, especially if we decide to go down to Portland for the day. What's the best ways to get around? What do we have to have a car to do?
  • What's your best tips for getting to Victoria and Vancouver?
  • Are there any things we Texans need to be aware of or plan for?
  • Must do restaurants (I need to lean on my boss at Litfuse, Amy for this one!)
  • Any problems with renting a car in Seattle and taking a rental over the border?
Our two planned activities are:
  • Going to the Rangers-Mariners game
  • Going to see Mary Poppins in Vancouver because it's the Broadway show playing at the time.
Otherwise, we're completely open to ideas and suggestions. Now, comment away!


aimymichelle said…
you don't want a car downtown, its easier to bus or walk around downtown in seattle. pike place market, the gum wall, space needle, also the waterfront. are the things to do in the downtownish area. if you want to see the beach you should go to alki beach. don't bring a lot of "hot weather" clothes as the weather changes here and you might be cold. since 70'sish is our typical weather in seattle. i doubt you'd have a problem with the rental. you just need a passport for canada. the freeways are pretty simple just search google maps beforehand. you can get to cananda from i5 north. and i5 south is fine for going down to portland. though portland streets/freeways are crazy confusing. you want burgers you could go to red mill, or luna park near alki. i think thats about all i have.
Gail Welborn said…
A ferry to Canada is the ONLY way to go to Canada! It's worth the trip and eliminates the border crossing!
Thomas said…