Charles Martin's Thunder and Rain - Part 1

The latest book I've finished is Thunder and Rain by Charles Martin. You know I warned that I was going to only read "manly" books for a while. Evidently, I'm on a chain of books about about law enforcement officers who are obsessed with John Wayne.

Are all men obsessed with John Wayne movies?

Or just all lawmen who aspire to be John Wayne?

Interesting co-incidence at least.

If you've never read Charles Martin before, he's a lot like Nicholas Sparks except hallelujah it wasn't that sappy this time. And he didn't make me almost freeze to death like the last book (search my blog for that video blog - that was a good one!).

Here's something different I did with this book. Taking BlackBerry pictures of some of my favorite parts as I read.

It is that hot in Texas... almost.

Have you ever had Blue Bell ice cream? You should. It's that good. Once you try Blue Bell, you won't want any other ice cream!

I thought the part about diet sodas being feminine were funny.

Here's a video I snagged from the author's website. I think he rolls his eyes on his video as I do on his blog posts. Some of his expressions are like one of my cousins.