Only God can make a butterfly, because I know I can't

In addition to teaching the 5th grade class at church on Sunday mornings, I help with the little bitty ones on Wednesday night. There's a song we sing to the babies that goes like this:

Oh who can make a bird fly? 
I'm sure I can't can you?
Oh who can make a bird fly?
No one but God 'tis true.

We actually sing it to a number of things. Oh who can make a flower? You get the point.

Earlier, I was trying to crochet a butterfly earlier. I can't do it. I cannot make a butterfly. That's not in my lunch box of talents right now. I got that reference from the new book from Austin Gutwein coming out for young people - Live to Give. He talks about how Jesus used the boy's lunch of loaves and fishes to feed the 5000, and God can use what you have too. I was going to use another way of saying it, but I thought of what Austin said. I don't know how useful making a crocheted butterfly is, but I digress.

I was wanting to add it to my latest project for my cousin and his wife's baby. I'm perfecting flowers. I have one done and I want to add a couple more.

I don't always like the finished projects, in fact, I'm not loving the border, but this may be one of my favorites. It's different from what I've done before. I even got my mother's approval on more than just one section. She likes the patterns and the colors. And she said she liked the edge too.

What I don't like is how the lighting makes these pictures look. I'll have to try pictures again in other lighting once I add the flowers. The green is called Pistachio and is sort of like a green apple green. The other colors are Persimmon and Sunshine. They're softer colors than what's showing up here. And it's more orange than the pink here.