If you know you have motion sickness...

Continuing with the tales of my vacation, and taking the opportunity to post pictures since everyone said, "take a lot of pictures," I present the next installment.

Rakia's status of the day on Facebook was, "If you are going to take a 3 hour boat ride, please pack medicine for motion sickness...seriously it was like that scene Chunk described...you know that one time at the movies....#theystillusebarfbags"

Vacation Day 3 
A foggy morning
Today was another early day. We got to the front door of the hotel just in time to run after the shuttle to the train. As in we literally ran after the shuttle.

We got held up on the train because a bus broke down in the tunnel. The trains and buses use the same stations to stop at. To make sure we got to the dock in time to get on our boat to Victoria, we took a cab. It was a good thing too!

A picture of the gardens actually inspired our trip to BC.
When we got on the boat, all the window seats were taken. All of a sudden - towards the end - everyone around us got seasick. Let's just leave it as you don't want to know.

But I didn't realize it was these gardens until we got there.
Paige thinks this pig is beautiful. Rub his snout for luck.
The Canadian customs guy that quizzed me at the border may have been cute, but he gave me grief. I guess I misread a question.

3D sidewalk art

We immediately boarded a bus. There were two buses there, but they made us get on the one with two seats left. One seat was next to a screaming 3 year old. The same 3 year old who had been standing up running on seats at Love field and kicked Rakia's seat all the way to Albuquerque. Oddly enough, after talking to them later, they will be on out train to Vancouver and will be flying standby on the way back to Dallas on Saturday.

Our driver talked way too much, but the gardens were gorgeous. We did not have time to see it all in 2 hours because we ate lunch. I literally had to run into the gift shop to get what Granmal wanted and to the bus. The lady cashier was too slow. We were the last ones to get back on the bus.

Victoria is the capital of the British Columbia province and has cool old buildings. We are on our way back now. Here is a picture of my hummus for supper.

Tomorrow, we will be back around Seattle for the day. When we go to Vancouver Weds- Fri, I probably won't be in touch because of phone charges/data rates.

Ya'll would love it up here!


Paige's response to my email:

I am so glad you enjoy hummus! Nothings new we hung out around the house! And my nose still hurts so bad!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya! Tell Rakia good luck, I hope she doesn't get stuck with that kid again (I guess she wouldn't get along with Layton)

My response to Paige:

Hey girly! I will be the first to say that I do not want to be next to Layton on an airplane. I hope he sleeps!

So... Your nose... Hasn't this happened before? If so, stop it! And what is half skinny dipping?