Happy 4th of July!

I broke the rules of what should not be done on a holiday today. I'm just saying.

Paige stayed over last night since I went with her to the Summer Youth Series with the church youth group. We got up late which the first rule that has to be followed on a holiday.

As we were watching Cake Boss after she got up, I asked her if she wanted to go out and eat a real breakfast or if she wanted me to fix something. She said she didn't care, but I said that I wanted French toast. As far as she is concerned, no one makes better French toast than my mother. Since Paige has been out of town for over a week, and then she's been at my house a lot more this summer than my parents' house, I thought my parents might want to see her. I said, "you call Grandma and tell her you want French toast, and then we can go over there."

It worked. Except I had to bring milk since they had just poured out their 5 day past milk. Score one for me! I admitted to my mother that I used Paige to get breakfast.

She didn't mind because she had wanted to call us but figured I would yell at her if I got woken up. Good call!

There were a few things that I needed at Walmart (going to Walmart breaks one of my rules in general, especially on a holiday), especially leading up to needing to pack for my upcoming trip. Like luggage tags. A) I don't know where one of my tags went. It's not on my second suitcase or my duffle that goes with my luggage. I thought I had lost one before, but then found it. B) My luggage tags have my prior company's logo on them (we gave them out one year as gifts at a convention) and goodness knows THEY HAD TO GO. For that reason alone, I need to find new ones.

I also bought orange pillow cases. I'm allergic to the strong (chlorine packed) detergent that hotels use to wash sheets in. Thank goodness they use strong stuff to clean with, but my eyes always end up blood shot and itch like crazy when I sleep on hotel pillows. If we drive somewhere, I usually do have my pillows at least in the back seat of the truck as we rotate out drivers. Obviously, flying, I don't take a pillow. But, my mom encouraged me to take a pillow case this time. They're orange so they'll stand out and I won't forget to take them with me, or if I do, they won't match my sheet sets. I know. Nerdish.

When I got home, I worked on editing a Q&A and starting a press kit. I know, working on a holiday is breaking a rule, but I need to make sure I finish some things and it won't hurt to have some extra hours in to get paid for since I'm taking off on my own time.

Because I know how to celebrate a holiday, after I ate a burger and homemade butterscotch ice cream at my parents, I spent an hour and a half in the floor of their computer room shredding bills stuff that have been in shoe boxes needing to be shredded for years. Mission accomplished.

When I got home, I broke down and vacuumed. I'm a lazy and lousy house keeper and have been putting this off for longer than I should admit. I finally had to do it since I tracked crepe myrtle flowers all in the house. My neighbor has a tree against the fence that covers my back area. All the flowers are falling off everywhere, and I don't have a sidewalk. I wish I had a sidewalk, and I would sweep it off. Instead, I tracked flowers in again and didn't kick off my shoes at the door.

Then, I had to dump out the vacuum canister and clean out the filter (it needs a new one really bad). All the dust floated up, I inhaled it, and now I'm all stuffed up with dust. Gross and ack. I need to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze.

I'm skipping the fireworks tonight. Waxahachie and some other town (I couldn't tell exactly where) had their fireworks last night (for whatever reason), and I saw two firework shows while riding down the highway.

Happy 4th of July to all!