Songs 11 year olds do not know - or their teachers

I think I have mentioned before that sometimes are Bible Class material could use some re-writes. By that I mean in the references it makes to every day life. Like tape recorders vs. MP3 players. Things like that.

We'll here was a recommended fun activity for today.

Admittedly, I'm not a big Simon and Garfunkel fan. I also see that they spelled Garfunkel incorrectly. I think I could come closer to being able to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to "Mrs. Robsinson." That's quite likely because the words to that song include "Jesus Loves You More than You Will Know."

I had to pull it up on YouTube to even figure out what "Sounds of Silence" sounded like. If I listened to it enough times, I think I can tell that it would fit. But, I don't know the song.

In college, we did do "Amazing Grace" to the Eagle's "Peaceful Easy Feeling."

It did make for an interesting conversation late last night on Facebook when I posted about it. A friend of mine, Lindsay, was going through her CDs where she had everything from Simon and Garfunkle and Peter, Paul and Mary to Will Smith. I thought I could pull off something to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" easier.

Here's a snippet.

I also figured out while singing in the shower that I could make "Jesus Loves Me" fit Maroon 5's "Payphone" or at least the opening lines of it. I wonder if I can get Adam Levine's attention with this. What I do to entertain people online!

I told the kids in class that I could almost make it into "Ring of Fire", our random song reference. I also told them that they got their own video if they could make "Jesus Loves Me" fit another song. Thomas decided he wanted a video of his own. Here's his take.


amy said…
So awesome. My, but you are brave. :)