Why must every vacation go through Missouri?

In the coming days, will share with you the adventures of my past week. The fun activities, the less than funny Canadian tour bus drivers that stalked us, the cab drivers who did not know where they were going, the characters we saw, the food we ate, the lovely weather, and some of my over 900 pictures.

By plane, train, cab, car, bus, boat, duck, trolley and monorail. Two trips into Canada and the cranky Canadian customs officers.

I am so confused, as have been for over a week, as to what time it was while being two hours difference from home plus my watch battery died.

I just got home less than two hours ago, and am pecking out on my phone instead of getting sucked into logging on to the computer.

And to explain the title of this blog, our flight from Seattle went through Kansas City. Which had to explain to the teenager on my row of the plane is mostly in Missouri, including the airport. So, in other words, got awful close to Branson, considering went to British Columbia. When I called my parents to check in and told them that I was in Missouri, they found this hilarious.

Of course, they did!