How Olympic Games have changed... According to soon to be 6th graders

This week's Sunday School video picks up where our discussion last week stopped. We were talking about running the Christian race and how Paul compared the Christian life to a race or a fighting match. Of course, the Greeks had the Olympics, and the Corinthians had their own competitions every 5 years.

Since the Olympics begin in a few weeks, I had each of the students tell about one of their favorite events and how they event would have had to be different back in Bible times.

If you wonder why I ask about Speedos when talking about swimming, I'll defend myself by saying they had already brought this up before we went on camera and I was trying to nudge them along to talk more in general because they talk and talk and talk until the camera is on them and then they clam up.

One student brought up that she had been on vacation in the past couple of weeks and had seen an 80 year old in a Speedo. I think she's traumatized for life. We get so terribly off topic in class. I won't even attempt to explain the "Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash moment, but I should have tied it back to something that I thought about later.



It served as an inspiration to him. Gae him some early directions.