You know what else you can buy at Dollar Tree?

A few months ago, I did a video blog about items that you can buy at Dollar Tree. Things that you probably don't want to buy for a dollar necessarily.

The 5th grade boys saw the video after I forgot it was there and they got my YouTube user name. They didn't understand my joke about the dollar pregnancy test.

Rachel and I ended up at Dollar Tree this afternoon. I was looking for some VBS stuff. There's a new addition to Dollar Tree, right at the check out. Right next to the dollar pregnancy and ovulation tests...

The dollar "Home Marijuana Drug Test." For the person who isn't sure if they can pass a random test at work? For the parents trying to test their kids? For parole officers to buy in bulk?

A) Again, how reliable could they be? 

B) I never knew this existed, but I'm naive.

C) Is this an impulse item? 

D) It's next to the gum and candy, right where the kids are going to be looking.

So, here's your public service announcement. If you need a cheap drug test, go to Dollar Tree.