This bit of technology just doesn't make sense

Maybe someone can explain this to me. I want to know why when I take a picture with my webcam, all the pictures post on Facebook backwards.

Think about it. It shouldn't work any differently than any other camera. It doesn't have to post the mirror image. Anyone looking at me is going to be able to read words the right way, not the wrong if that person was looking through the camera. It should at least flip it to be the right way if it takes it backwards.

The reason that I find this particularly annoying is that when the mailman brings the mail, I post a picture on Facebook - sometimes the Litfuse page - to let people know their books will soon be arriving.

Now, people just think I'm crazy and that I should be able to flip my pictures.

My mailman has been busy too! All these have come in the past two weeks, and don't include the books that I ordered for my mom. (She found children's books about a distant relative who was like the female Paul Revere.) Or another book I got to go along with a new project. I didn't take a picture of it either. I've had a trash can full of packing materials.

Part of these are blog tour projects that I'm not doing publicity on, so time will likely not allow that I be able to read them all. There just aren't enough hours in the day to read all I want to read and everything on my desk. That's just sad, sad, sad.

Now, this is the part where I was going to insert pictures into my blog post. However, I am on my old computer that I was hoping would just work log enough to occasionally blog, but obviously not. It won't let me copy a picture URL to put into the blog. So, I'll either just edit this post tomorrow, or make this blog really pointless by not showing pictures of flipped technology.

This computer is beyond being able to make use of technology.

Update: Here's what I'm talking about:

Actually, I think there is another book that arrived a couple of days after those last five that I didn't get posted. I hope you can read the names of the books backwards.

I was just on the phone with my friend Rakia, and we were talking about packing. I couldn't take a picture on my BlackBerry and take a picture at the same time. So, I'm just on a rant tonight period.

I think I'll just go pack.