My Olympic commentary for days 1-2

Last night, Jenny and Rachel came over to color pirates for VBS (long story). We had an impromptu Opening Ceremonies watching party. I had set the DVR knowing that I'd miss some of it since Jenny and I already had plans to go eat. That's the way to watch it because we didn't watch all of the parade of nations and the parts that we didn't care too.

There's so much that didn't make sense to me. So random. And Matt Lauer and Bob Costas put together are about like Tom Grieve and whoever is his partner at any given time (even if Steve Busby is better than anyone in a while) doing the Ranger game. Or maybe the pompous Alex Trebeck comment that someone made on Facebook is closer on target.

Anyway, the best part, definitely better than the Queen looking miffed the whole time, was Mr. Bean during "Chariots of Fire." In case you missed it, here it is. It's kind of edited down, but I can't find one that hasn't been.

I told my mom about the never ending "Hey Jude" with Sir Paul McCartney. She asked why I didn't call her since it was one of her favorite songs. I told her I wasn't even sure what time it came on.

One thing I know for sure in watching the Olympics, I'm going to have to shut down the news feeds coming up on Facebook or any other website I accidentally open. No turning on the TV before I want to know who won a given race. That's the problem with technology and events going on in a time zone six hours ahead. Or just the fact that NBC likes to drag everything out. I knew Michael Phelps lost to Ryan Lockte hours before I got to see it. Me and the rest of America.

Also, I agree with Rakia and others who have asked what Ryan Seacrest is doing there. What's strange is Dan Patrick (from ESPN) and John McEnroe were both commenting on swimming stories today. All they probably know about swimming is what I know from watching.