Have you seen any good movies lately?

I gave up part of my Sunday nap yesterday to take my mom to the movies. Poor Mom, no one would take her to the movies.

My dad tells me after church yesterday, "your mother wants to go and I told her I would take her if you didn't go with her." Why don't you just take her? Not that I had a problem going to the movies with my mom, but I think my dad should have been more willing to take her.

My mom and I got out to the movie theater, and a woman from church was waiting for my mom's aunt to come, along with another friend. The first woman got tired of waiting since the movie was about to start and came on into the same theater we were in. She sat right behind us. When the other two women came (including my mom's aunt), they didn't see us.

At the end of People Like Us, my mom had tears. I knew if my mom had tears, my aunt that cries at everything would have had to be bawling. As soon as the credits started, I said, "Is Ellene back there crying?" Yeah, sure enough.

It was ok, but it wasn't great. I wish I had elbowed my mom and told her my prediction because I figured out exactly what was going to happen at the very end.

There just aren't many movies to choose from right now. I think Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter may sound like the dumbest idea ever. No thank you!

Here's the trailer to People Like Us. The kid needs a haircut. Why can't kids get haircuts these days? Do I sound really, really old?


Sarah said…
Yeah, mom is usually late and cries at all semi sad movies on. Gotta love her!
Audra Jennings said…
Yep, that's her and everyone knows it! I wouldn't have expected any less. :)