Sometimes you just need a snow day

Earlier today, I updated my status on so that I could actually frequently Twitter, change my Facebook status and all that stuff. My status was: Audra asks, "do you ever just need a break from reality?"

Well, it ended up as a post here on my blog because I didn't know what I was doing, and I can't get the status thing to work correctly on the right. So, instead of deleting it off, I'll just edit this post and ask that question. (Let me just say, how all these sites and blogs and updates and all are linked together just blow my mind.)

Wouldn't it be nice to sometimes just take a break from all your mess? And man, life can be messy. The problem is, whatever your mess may be, it'd be there when you got back from your break.

Ok, that's all the profound thought that I have for today. My brain is fried.


Parkerchica said…
Yes. Or just an inclement weather day.