More Randomness

My originality is busted this week, so I'm sharing 25 more random things about myself.

1. I've been hit in the head with a live chicken.
2. I've had my car paper mache'd.
3. I have read Donny Osmond's auto-biography.
4. I have two friends named Audra on Facebook.
5. I was scorekeeper for my jr. college baseball team. Me in a dugout full of guys (and the baseball players are always the hot ones). Yeah, I enjoyed that.
6. My favorite fruit is pineapple.
7. It doesn't bother me to eat Mexican food 3 times a week.
8. My college degree is in art, yet I never took an art class until I enrolled in college.
9. Drinking Mr. Pibb used to make me flirty.
10. I have 18 first cousins. On Decmember 24, I had only seen 2 in the past year, and all live within a 150 mile radius.
11. I won $8.50 total my first trip to Vegas and lost $5.00 my second trip. Or something like that.
12. I went to the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon the week it opened. Two words: Rip off
13. I have an obsession with palm trees.
14. I still have nighmares about teaching 4th grade after surviving one semester 8 years ago.
15. Every year I organize and get everything ready for around 900 crafts for 4 nights of VBS (some nights we do two).
16. I'm webmaster for our church website - the first website I actually put together.
17. I take way too many pictures when I go on vacation, and am anal retentive about scrapbooking. I also give full blow narratives of my trips that may actually be funnier than my blog.
18. Someone once told me I should try to do stand-up at a comedy club amateur night.
19. I honestly believe that I could have been voted most hated in my high school class.
20. If you were to look really close, you would realize that even my current pair of glasses are a shade of purple, but I didn't realize that when I first picked them out.
21. I have a whole curio cabinet of Wizard of Oz plates, musical figurines and stuff like that.
22. My grandmother has had a strange habit of giving me numerous coin purses over the years.
23. My parents got my first name from the TV show "The Big Valley."
24. My parents picked my middle name while at a Texas Rangers game. Catcher Jim Sundberg and his wife had a baby girl that day named Audra Jeannette Sundberg, so they decided, hey that works.
25. I collect smashed pennies. I was quite excited to smash Lincoln's face only to imprint it again with Lincoln's face at his presidential library in Springfield, IL.