Could you be any more random?

Here are just a few random thoughts going through my head this evening... I'm warning you, this is not worth the read, but I'm resolved to post something every day. Today's blog is kind of fitting because today in our weekly meeting at work we talked about the randomness of Twitter and Facebook statuses, etc. Tomorrow, I need to send out pitches at work, so part of that material is going up which is far less random.

Whacked out Texas weather - Not that this is really worth another entry, but it was 85 degrees, a record high on Saturday. It felt like September. Today, it was 35 degrees. Talk about having a hard time deciding what to wear...

How many applications of giving can Facebook have? Does "giving" plants from Lil Green Patch really save any of the rain forest? I'm just curious. I'm about to stop doing everything except Lil Green Patch and Lil Blue Cove because I've done those the most. I just don't know if I care what a "Yoville" is or "What tree did you fall from?" - no offense to the people that invited me. Some applications are interesting like where people have been or even what their IQ is. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE FLAIR, but I don't need another water buffalo for my African Safari.

Weird eye allergy - I'm convinced it's not from wearing contacts again, but I've been waking up with really red, scratchy eyes (not sleeping in contacts, and also happening on mornings after not wearing them the day before). Which should I try to change first - my detergent or my shampoo? My mom thinks shampoo - I think detergent.

New material for my iPod - I'm sick of about everything on my iPod because I've listened to it so many times. The only thing I've wasted more time with lately than this particular blog post is trying to figure out what to download off of iTunes.

Shout outs!!!

As a total side note, I'm giving a shout out to Misha who posted a new blog entry today. You evidently have 3 faithful readers - 1 more than you professed. It's so great how you can also so lovingly call your husband a dork (that was my laugh of the day). Tell Merilee that I'll invite her over to see the oh, so purple couch if I ever decide to get it.

And Penny - I keep hoping you'll pop up on Facebook as online because I have a confession to make to you. There is a certain little something that is all my fault. I need to come to Tyler sometime soon and hang out with you.

Christi - I'm just sending you a shout because you'll think I'm crazy.

To Tracy - Own it SHEro! Too bad no one will recount a big event later in the week to you in a Canadian accent like I would.

If anyone actually comments to this post,
you will get the next shout out!

And here is the random photo of the day -
a giraffe from the National Zoo in DC.


Parkerchica said…
I think the giraffe may be my favorite land animal.