I'm bringing funny back


This is just an observation, but have you ever noticed, you can just look at someone on American Idol and tell if they have talent or not? This is a TACKY ALERT, so I'm warning you now in case you want to quit reading.

Just watch these first auditions. There isn't one strange or extra frumpy or dressed-up crazy person that has talent. There was just one guy that got through that was wearing a plaid shirt and average looking they let through, so I'm not saying you have to be drop dead georgeous.

But come on, if you are watching, you know what I mean. If someone looks like their mom might have been on last night's news report when the tornado came through the trailer park (you know they always pick the most bizarre or unfortunate looking people), you probably can't carry a tune in the bucket that's on the front porch. That's ok though because if you are wearing a pink cowboy hat and pink boots, you aren't going to Hollywood either. If you have the world's biggest 'fro, you can't sing. If you are wearing yellow feathers like big bird, surely, you don't seriously think that you can win a Grammy, do you?

There was just a poor guy with a very unreal color of hair cut in a chili bowl with bangs who wore his medal for singing in elementary school who sang an original song. (Side note, I don't think any guy should ever have bangs.) This is just a piece of advice for all, don't ever audition with an original song. It was bad. Simon just asked, "Did you just write that song for your pet?" "No, it was supposed to be for my mother."


Michelle Obama has hired a decorator to the stars to come in and redecorate the White House. That just doesn't sound right to me, regardless of who is coming into office. Evidently the decorator has wanted to get his hands on the White House for some period of time becauase he's ready to get rid of the paint color. I guess that refers to a certain room because I don't think you can paint the White House blue, you know what I'm saying?

You just think of the White House being this historical, almost untouchable place. Some things you just don't mess with, you just live with. I mean, you just don't throw out Abraham Lincoln's desk.

The article I was reading did link to pictures showing the change in decor of the oval office over the years, so things are changed more than I realized they were. I can also report after reading it that Michele Obama is into white couches, not purple, so I don't have to worry about her tracking down mine at Miles Furniture and buying it before my tax refund check comes.


I texted Jenny today that I had found us a trip to go on. There is a New Kids on the Block cruise in May--in fact, the weekend of her birthday! In reality, they should be renamed Dirty Old Men on the Block, but I digress. Oh, we were fans in the day, and somewhat revived our interest in a strange way with their comeback this year. When we went to relive our jr. high years in October when they came to Dallas, we had a good time, but have to say, we weren't as insane as a number of the fans that were there that night. We just thought it would be fun to see them again.

Jenny wore my t-shirt from 1990 along with my pins that I had saved for over 18 years (somehow she lost my Joey button though) almost as a dare. BUT, we certainly didn't make our own I (heart) Jordan t-shirts or anything. Amy, Jenny and I certainly didn't wear matching bedazzled hand made shirts proclaiming our favorite song. (Can you believe people actually buy bedazzlers?) I do admit that I paid way too much for a program because I have a thing about framing programs and hanging them on my walls.

It was really cool to see everyone in sycronization raising their hands in the air and waving like they just didn't care to Hanging Tough. Seeing 20,000 people doing anything in sycronization is kind of unique.

We both agreed we'd love to by flies on the cabin walls during this cruise from Miami to the Bahamas complete with meet and greets, photo opportunities, trivia contests (which New Kid had a dog named Nikko?) and concert. That had to be one wild and crazy trip. I can't imagine how crazed these people going on this cruise must be. While talking to Jenny on the phone, I looked up rates because we were curious. I think the thing was just announced today, but it's almost all sold out. Women in their 30s are nuts, I tell you!

I really must tell Paige about this. Jenny and I have turned her on to the New Kids. If she found out about this, she may just jump off of the Branson wagon and onto the boat.

In regards to this picture I posted, you know these guys are old (Jon turned 40 recently) when they have to sit down on the piano bench and take a break after "dancing" one song on a rotating stage. You could just tell they were getting dizzy sick and had to get their breath.


Parkerchica said…
A New Kids on the Block cruise? I wonder if you would bump into any of the guys at the buffet. You could use the same salad tongs that they had actually touched!
Andi said…
Hi Audra,
You just won a blog award, come check it out! http://frommipov.blogspot.com/
Anonymous said…
was it john that had the dog named Nikko or however you spelled it...? I remember him having a sharpei?

by the way your observation of the chili bowl haircut guy were dead on....and did you see the idiot Seacrest try and give the blind guy a high five?!!!!! what a tool!
Audra Jennings said…
Danielle, you are correct, Jon did have a sharpei.

Here's the thing about Ryan Seacrest... not only did he try to high five a blind guy, he appeared to be very grossed out about bikini girl trying to kiss him...