I think I'll just go to bed

I kind of geared myself up for American Idol, then realized it doesn't start until tomorrow night. Pooh. The last couple of years, I've given up by the end, but do enjoy the really bad stuff they show at the beginning of the season. I may be one of the few out there though. That's what I'm blogging about tomorrow.

Last night, I was up too late, so I'm ready to go to sleep. Especially since I had a headache for a good chunk of the day again. There's not really anything on TV either, yet I'm watching Not So Superstars of Dance.

Did the judge from South Africa SERIOUSLY just give Poppin' Robert a 9? And the judge from China? Bah, I'm disappointed. Is Nigel now paying off the judges? I don't understand his appeal AT ALL.

It was billed to be a show filled with amazing talent, but I've yet to be impressed. Neither has anyone else I've talked to. I'd rank the show about a 4 on a scale of 10, but I'm watching it just so that I can complain.

I have a stack of new books to read, several that I'm really looking forward to. Yet my eyes are the most tired part of me, and I don't think I can read.

Trying to figure out what this dancer from Africa is talking about is making me even more tired. That's it. Time for at least a nap.


Parkerchica said…
Just when I think I'm missing out on all this great T.V...it's nice to know that's not true!