I should have known better

I thought that maybe, just maybe my dad had taken my word on the fact that I was not going to Branson come July. I should have known better.

I guess I stepped into the subject, but it was sort of like a land mine buried underneath something. I was riding around with my parents as they were looking for houses for sale (by the way, I saw them slowly drive by the townhouse across the street to get the phone number off the sign). We're hungry and Dad asks, "where can I get a steak sandwich?" I reply Braum's because it's the only place in our town, but then jokingly add "Steak & Shake."

Evidently, he associates Steak & Shake with Springfield, MO. I guess we have stopped there twice. Once on the way to Branson, but the first time I stopped there was on the way to CHICAGO. Dumb me for not putting that together, but I promise you there are Steak & Shakes in other places in the US. I believe that we have eaten at one in Memphis before.

So, here goes the conversation after I say S&S.

Dad: You are going to Branson, aren't you?

Me: No, I'm not.

Dad: Yes, you are.

Me: Actually, no, I'm not.

Dad: Sure you are.

Me: No, I am not going.

Dad: Well, I'm going to plan for you to go.

Me: Well, plans sometimes have to be changed, and your are going to have to because I'm not going.

Dad: Yeah you will. By the time we go, you will.

Me: *Sigh* no...

He's worse than Sam I Am in Green Eggs and Ham. However, this story shall end differently. I have tried green eggs and ham, and I got food poisoning last time. If they are so great, he can keep them to himself.

I assure you I'm being as mature as one can be in a conversation such as this. Mom didn't include me in the count when she made reservations for the condo, she said. I told her this was going to be a long 6 months leading up to the trip if he keeps it up.

Not that I'm going into the reasons why, but I do have 5 main reasons with additional supporting points as to why I will not be a part of this trip.

By the way, I have yet to read (and I'm sure there is a reason why), nor do I plan to ever read a book set in Branson.


Mimi N said…
hahaha, Oh Audry, hahaha, I just hahahaha can't even believe that conversation! (wiping tears from my eyes) I know from your perspective this isn't amusing, but those of us in bloggerville we are going to enjoy the next 6 mos of your journey. Are your conversations typically like this? Do your parents read your blog? Do they know you even have a blog?

I'm still offering the Mall of America to you! We could go to one of those major Christian artist gatherings like Sonshine (if it's even going). Who knows, getting to know a complete stranger could be fun, right? Plus, bonus, we have Susan May Warren in MN along with Julie Lessman, Christa Banister, and Sharon Hinck! Maybe we could hook you up!! :)

~Mimi B

mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com
Audra Jennings said…
My parents know that I have a blog because I talk about it in generalities. I showed them the front page once, but not where they could read anything. My mom is never online, and I don't think my dad will find it again.

Are our conversations usually like this? Well, hmmm. No, not really, but well, it's a long story.