I'm sore, but I'm not that sore

At church this morning, as I rose from my seat at the end of class to head towards the auditorium, I came to the conclusion that my lower back hurt from moving furniture by myself. I kind of pulled something in my right hip and thigh, but I consider myself quite fortunate.

Down the pew this morning, my brother, Brian, was in much worse shape. There was a little too much "Song Leader Says" going on this morning for his taste. Song leader says, "stand for this song." Song leader says, "you may sit down." Song leader says, "please stand for the song before the lesson, " followed by, "you may have a seat." The closest 85 year old woman who recently had a hip replacement had nothing on Brian's pain and speed.

If Brian were computer literate and savvy, which I must add that he isn't, he really should have a blog of his own to tell his daily chronicles. So help me, sometimes he has more strange occurrences in his life than anyone I know.

On Thursday, he went to the auction barn in a nearby town, and bought something like 11 bulls and was loading them into a trailer. I really don't know what happened next because after it was all said and done, Brian doesn't know what happened, but he got knocked down and trampled by a number of bulls. He thinks it may have nine.

The story as relayed to me was when he opened his eyes, he was laying on the ground and not quite sure how he got there. He did not remember what he had done earlier that day, or what he had to do later that day. He called someone to meet him and drive him into Corsicana. He ended up at convenient care (which I find absolutely absurd--in a minute you'll read why) before they sent him to the emergency room.

Turns out he had a slight concussion, two hairline fractured ribs and a very sore jaw (he thought it may have been broken at first). He is bruised all over, including his tongue according to Julie, and sore from head to toe.

I was talking to Mom on the phone when he called her about 7:30 on Thursday night. She had to take the call and call me back. I think the phone conversation started, "I'm OK, but I just got out of the emergency room."

I still have some furniture to move, but needless to say, I won't be able to call my brother to help.


Parkerchica said…
I think your brother would win the "I had the worst day" contest. Trampled by bulls? Really? That's probably not so surprising to people who live in the country, though--which is not me. I still get as excited as my kids when we drive past cows.