Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin

I read enough trade magazines and peruse enough review sites and blogs, that I'm surprised that it took me so long to come across author Charles Martin. I have to say that he is now one of my favorite authors to read.

The author has an amazing ability to describe a picture in great detail although my mom has complained that she can get lost sometimes (she reads whatever I give her to read so that she doesn't have to buy books except certain ones on her list). If I were to compare him to another author I've read, I'd put him in the Nicholas Sparks category.

I am going back to read some of his earlier books and just finished Wrapped in Rain. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, the books I've picked up to read lately hit me in some way. I don't know if I'm just picking out something or it's just the right thing at the right time or what.

The major theme of the book is forgiveness and letting go. Who doesn't struggle with that in some way or another? I don't struggle with in the the same form as the main character in the book, but I still am working on that in my life right now.

The story follows Tucker Rain. For years, Tucker has struggled with the effects of growing up with an absent father who was abusive when he was around. Tucker has found ways in his life to avoid or at least find temporary escapes from dealing with his past. However, you can only hide for so long.

Tucker has to face his demons head on when he happens upon a chance encounter with an ex-girlfriend (and almost gets shot to boot!) along with her 5 year-old son who need a safe place to stay. Then, Tucker has to search for his brother Mutt, who escaped from a mental institution.

(As a side note, Paige asked me what the book that I was reading was about. I told her it was complicated...)

What I found so funny was that Mutt was in the mental hospital in part because he heard voices, yet the sane one, Tucker, is always having conversations with Miss Ella the widowed black woman who raised him and had died 7 years before.

It is a great story of not letting your past dictate your future, and I highly recommend it. You'd probably get a better description of the book over at the author's website.

Last night, I ordered Down Where My Love Lives which is actually The Dead Don't Dance and the sequel Maggie in one volume. I'll post on it soon. Actually, between what I ordered last night and the Barnes & Noble gift card I got for Christmas, I already have a list picked out of what I want to read and am not sure where I am going to start first.

In the meantime, I've started a book that I found for 49 cents at Mardel's recently entitled Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth.


Denise Hildreth said…
Well, I don't know that it's great that you got my book for .49 cents, but I'm glad you picked it up!
Sure hope you enjoy it.
Take Care
Audra Jennings said…
Well, it was like 75% or 90% off a certain clearance price - maybe because the front cover had gotten marked up in shipping. I've only read 3-4 chapters thus far, but I can definitely say it is worth the 49 cents!