Is it really practical to buy an eggplant sofa?

Earlier today, my Facebook status read, "Audra wants to rearrange every piece of furniture in her house" and this is indeed true. I haven't moved anything yet because I ended on getting some work stuff done that I haven't started yet. And I had to go to the grocery store. And I decided to go shopping for a new couch.

I bought the couch that is in my living room over 10 years ago while I was in college. My first couch. It was a necessity because I was living out of two ugly brown, orange and gold stripped swivel rockers that one of Grandmother's sisters gave me. So ugly, in fact, that my brother didn't want to see anyone haul them in the back of his truck. They served their purpose, but they were hideous and you couldn't take a nap in them. Well, you could if you faced them together and crawled over the arms into them, and technically, my dad did sleep in them one night (long story that also involved a lizard). But, you couldn't do it without waking up with a major pain in the neck. I finally got rid of those old chairs last year - put them out on the curb and they were actually gone within 30 minutes. That was amazing.

Anyway, back to my couch. It's cream colored, and I've tried to clean all sorts of stains out of through the past 10 years. Even with scotch guard protection and upholstery cleaner, the cushions are pretty gross because the foam inside is orange and once it got wet in the cleaning process, the orange color came up through the fabric.

The way the pillows are made that actually go across the back instead of regular cushions, the seams are coming loose and are ready to spill their guts. As Peyton told me this week, "your pillows are broken." They are also about as flat as pancakes. I even bought bigger more firm floor pillows from Garden Ridge to put across the back not too long after I bought it.

About 7 or 8 years ago after a day of raking leaves for the elderly at our church, the youth minister told the youth group that he was tired and that I would entertain them that evening. They came over to my house and accidently broke the back of the couch. Dad and I surgically unstitched the upholstery, put some screws and a brace in the 2x4 that ran down the back of the couch and sewed it back up. There also has to be a break in the bottom because it sags down in the middle if you sit on it.

But all this said, it is absolutely the best napping couch ever. I get a great nap every Sunday on it. Paige seems to have no trouble sleeping on it when she spends the night over here, and Jenny offered me $50 for it if I get a new one because she loves this couch. She's slept quite well through a movie or two laying on it.

I just had an itch to go shopping for a new couch and figured that I would find a tan or brown one that would blend in with my chaise. Maybe a shade of green since my living room is green. But, I walked through the furniture store, plopped down in a purple chair, called Mom over and joked, "this is my couch."

"Yeah, that looks just like you."

Then, this eggplant colored sofa and chair started to grow on her, especially after she tried out the chair. The pillows that go along with it are a mix of greens and purples. I brought a cushion home and the pillow to see if it clashed royally. It actually looked really good.

So, the question is, how practical is it to buy a eggplant colored sofa? I was thinking basic couch on sale, not two pieces (still on sale, but not as sale as I was thinking) in a shade of purple? The man who owns the furniture store asked why I was hesitant. I answered, "well, I don't want everything in my house to end up purple because I do have a whole room painted purple."

When I dropped Mom back off at her house, Dad asks, "did you find anything." I let Mom do the talking, including, "guess what color it is."

Dad answers, "purple."

I have included photos below of both the couch in the store, how the cushion looked in the room, my living room and just for fun, my purple room. Let me know what you think!


Parkerchica said…
Merrilee thinks you should purchase the couch. She said, "I wish I could have a purple couch like that one because it is too, too purply." If you could have seen her dreamy-eyed expression, you would know she meant "too, too purply" in the best way.
Audra Jennings said…
Ok, that's two yes votes - Merliee and Penny. I know Paige would be three.
Mimi N said…
It looks like a set that would totally fit! I like how rich it is. Go for it! Not everyone can get away with it, but I think it would look great in your room.

Mimi B
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