So uninspired

I'm going to have to find a life pretty quickly because I need some new material to write about. I need some writing inspiration in the worst way.

Well, I can report that my parents have made reservations for Branson in July. The girls were all over at Mom and Dad's this afternoon after Madison's bowling party, and Paige called me to come on over several hours later. Dad told her to look over the list of shows, but not to say anything to me (can you say passive aggressive? - I was in the same room). Dad does say, "we have reservations for July."

My reply was a kind, "you all will have fun."

"You aren't going?"

"What, you haven't heard me say this before?," I think to myself...

Paige is OK with knowing that I'm not going, and as long as she knows and is OK with it, I'm not worried about anyone else.

Hopefully, I will have more entertaining tales to tell soon.