The strange urge to move furniture

For weeks I have had it in my mind that I wanted to rearrange all the furniture in my house. I've had excuses or other things to do the last few Saturdays, but I finally rearranged my bedroom today.

I got productive and cleaned out a bag full of stuff to throw away from three dresser drawers as I took them out to move my dresser. I took the box springs and mattress off the bed to move the frame. I actually switched the walls that those two pieces of furniture were on. Got it all done myself until Dad came over to hang the huge palm tree picture I picked out for Christmas. He helped me moved the chest of drawers 18 inches from where I had moved it to where it needed to be.

I plan on rearranging the living room tomorrow, but I'll probably move it right back where it is. I've arranged and rearranged my living room a number of times because I have a hard time putting my chaise somewhere else that I like. There's only so much arranging to be done with the entertainment center and storage unit next to it having to stay in the same place.

At the very least in the spare bedroom, I need to move my bookshelves closer together. Jenny came to get my breakfast bar with stools that had been sitting in that room for her apartment. The table had been sitting in the purple room because I'd had my computer on it for a period of time, but it was just a random piece of furniture once I moved the computer. I'd rearrange more in there, but I have a hutch for the lack of a better description that can only be in so many places because of all the stuff hanging on the walls. I can't take down all my frames and move them without putting way too many more holes in the wall.

So, that was my Saturday for the most part. I'm ready to read a book and/or watch a movie now.


Anonymous said…
Hey - I could use on update on our furniture arrangement. Do you do requests? {:)
Anonymous said…
I recently redecorate my home with lovely and modern style of furniture!!
Audra Jennings said…
Well, Kristi, I could certainly try.