Won't you be my neighbor? or not...

Mom called me last night after church. We had just talked on the parking lot, so I wondered what was up.

Her question: "How would you feel if we were your neighbors?"

Brakes coming to a halt, record screeching, followed by crickets chirping.

"My neighbors? Huh?"

While Mom was at church, the preacher from the Baptist church they live behind/around the block from came over to talk to Dad. They have been trying to buy up all the land around my parents house and are evidently serious this time about wanting to buy their house. (The building committee didn't like the price before, but hey, the house is paid for. If you want it bad enough, you can pay for it.)

Well, evidently the preacher is quite serious if he skipped out on his own mid-week service to come talk "we need your house because we want to build a bigger building." I'm not really sure why they need such a large building. They really should have built out on more land when they built their ugly monstrosity of a new auditorium back a number of years ago and had room to grow.

Back to the neighbor part. I knew the other side of my duplex wasn't open and they weren't going to join the land of the renters on my side of the street. With today's economy, there isn't much for sale anymore because everything is off the market it seems. Mom says the only sign she has seen lately is for the townhouse across the street from me on the corner. She always liked the garden window in the kitchen when she's driven by.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm OK about the window, but how about my parents moving across the street?


Parkerchica said…
Why not? It could be fun. You guys could make up a secret code and then use flashlights to send messages to each other at night.
Anonymous said…
My mom lives 8 hours away and I would love to have her across the street! Just make sure you set ground rules! Have fun!
Audra Jennings said…
The honest to goodness truth is I don't think it's going to happen. We probably live within 2 miles of each other now, but there's something about across the street. I've been trying to work on more independence lately, so that'd be kind of weird.
Mimi N said…
do you have $ for a down payment? know anyone that'd want to rent from you that you trust? hahaha

i know i'd love to live closer to my mom. we're 2 1/2 days apart, but we'd make each other nuts living across the street from each other!! :)

i miss my mommy!!