What not to wear

I admit that I have not seen much of the inauguration coverage, but I have it on now as to not be totally clueless as to what went on today.

The first question I have to make/question I have to ask is this: What was up with Aretha Franklin's hat? That was the biggest bow that I have ever seen affixed to someone's head.

My next question, while I have the TV on watching the recap, is when did Katie Couric get that bad haircut?

As I got ready for work this morning, I had Good Morning America/Early Show/Today Show on. I flipped through the three. Nothing was going on at this time, but full coverage was indeed under way. As the anchors on the various networks watched for the new first family to emerge from the Blair House, it was obvious that they didn't have much to say at that time. "Well, Harry, the environmental lobbyist are not happy this morning. Look how much exhaust is coming out of the presidential limo as it idles waiting for hours to drive the Obamas two blocks."

But back to what really matters, apparently.

"Robin, the moment that everyone is waiting for is to see what the Obamas are wearing." "Matt, all eyes are watching for Michele Obama to see what she has chosen to wear to the swearing in ceremony." I'm not making this up.

"Now we go to Barbara Walters as she remembers evening gowns of inaugurations past."

"Well, Charlie, you can tell a lot about the tone of a President's Administration by what the first lady wears to the inauguration balls."

I was watching American Idol instead of the coverage of the first ball on TV, so I had to look up on CNN.com to see a photo of the ball gown. After all the build up, I was expecting something a little different, but what I'm not sure.

Honestly, I cannot believe they haven't brought out Joan and Melissa Rivers for commentary on this day. Well, I take that back, I haven't turned on to E! to watch what they have to say.


Mimi N said…
Oh, Audra, I loved the comment about Joan and Melissa Rivers! I agree that the coverage of Michelle Obama's dress is insane! And, the fact that it will set the tone of this administration petrifies me! I was bored, bored, bored with the coverage all night long! Watched Idol, too. :)