What's wrong with your hair?

Welcome to my two new followers! You picked a good week to follow in order to see information about some of the great projects I'm working on.

Some of my co-workers and friends that read my blog to get a laugh have found me in a rut the past several days. I've just not had much to say. I'm sorry that today isn't going to be much better considering the fact I woke up with a headache, it got worse, then it got some better, but my head still hurts.

I'm having a little bit of trouble fixing my button so that others can add it to their blog. I'm just not doing something right and am looking for the patience to work it out. I just thought it was appropriate that it was purple, and I fixed it on Facebook to actually look like Flair.

I will have everyone know that I've always liked purple, but it's become evidently an obsession lately, and I'm not sure why. That is one of my hesitations with the purple sofa that everyone thinks I need to buy. I'm just thinking that may go way overboard. I already have a whole room painted purple, after all.

My seven year old niece has a new obsession too. Paige wants to get a perm. Her step-mom, Julie has been French braiding her hair, and it comes down with curls, and she wants to wear her hair curly. Julie and I aren't so sure that her hair will hold a body wave or anything else the way the waves fell out in such a short time this morning.

Paige gets her straight hair from her mom's side of the family somewhere. She didn't get it from Brian's side. I decided to wear my hair curly instead of straightening it this morning because it kind of looked decent when I left the house. The first thing Peyton says when she sees me is, "why is your hair curly?"

Paige comes up behind me at church about 2 minutes after Peyton asked that, and then asked the same question. Uh, because I was lazy this morning... Uh, because God made it that way.

It looked decent when I left the house, but became a frizzy, bushy mass by the time I got home. I would have been better off if I hadn't have brushed it any. Then my parents would have asked me, "did you brush your hair this morning?" I'm 32 years old, and on occasion, my parents still have the driving urge to ask this question.
Maybe when Paige gets her perm, Peyton will get her bangs cut. I was going to trim them last night, but everyone was making me so nervous, that I just really evened them up from the last time I got a hold of her (she won't be still so they were off whack). I got about 1/4 of an inch off on one side and basically none on the far other side this time. It didn't look that uneven until I got it all straight down to fix. Her hair is still over her eyes and she can't see.
I can't believe this entry ended up being all about hair, but I don't have time to be more creative right now - have to go finish something else. Here's to hoping for more funny, less random material tomorrow.