Captain Crispy saves the day

No, I'm not referring to an obscure cereal super hero. Today's blog entry would have been pretty boring today if author and friend Chris Plekenpol hadn't stopped by the office.

I'll back the story up several months to reveal the nickname in the title - Chris had come down to our office and several of us were brainstorming about his ministry, future books, and possible website names, etc. We all agreed that no one would be able to remember how to spell his last name. Someone commented it may just have to be Chris P. Well, Chris served in the Army, and he was a Captain... I suggested that maybe Captain Chris P was not the best way to present him since that would sound like he belonged on a box of cereal.

So, anyway, Chris came down from Dallas today to speak at a youth retreat at one of the local churches. He got down here early and was in the area with time to kill, so he came on into our offices and decided to hang out in my office for a while.

Chris can make me laugh like few people can. Mostly I laugh at Chris laughing at himself. He doesn't just laugh, the man roars. I doubt anyone could wear a frown around him for long, and he certainly had me laughing today.

He asked me if I had been reading his latest notes on Facebook about dating. I said, "no," but then asked, "oh, you mean the one where you talked about wanting to find a woman who was a member of Mensa and could read your mind? Chris, I've tried to read your mind before and it's quite a scary thing." Let the laughter begin.

Well, he has decided that his next book is going to be on dating, specifically that it is scriptural for a woman to pursue a man. As a side note, he met Alison Shelby who is speaking this weekend to the girls at the retreat, and she doesn't necessarily see eye to eye on the subject. I expect there to be some interesting conversations this weekend, especially once Matt and Misha join in, but I digress. (Misha and Alison may just win out over Chris and Matt.)

So, he was having me read his Facebook notes that are potential chapters and give feedback. He does have quite a point regarding Ruth, I must say. I started reading one about Adam and Eve, and had to ask him, "um, Chris, are you saying that you want a woman created just to help you out and get your stuff done? Is being a member of Mensa not enough?" Obviously, that was not the point in the end.

While spontaneously laughing at his own wit, at which time I told him he had to tell me what he was laughing at if he was going to laugh, he wrote his latest piece on Isaac and Rebekah. I'm still not exactly sure how she was pursuing him, but Chris asks the question, "does the Bible condone mail order brides?" Interesting question indeed. I told him what I really got out of their story was that they were cousins...

All of this seems quite random, I'm sure, but it would make more sense if you were to log onto Facebook and become friends with Chris and read his notes. Maybe these links will work and you can access them from here:

Is it Biblical for Women to pursue men? Ruth and Boaz
Is it Biblical for Women to pursue Men part II Adam and Eve
Is it Biblical for women to pursue men part III Isaac and Rebekah
The Old Soul - this one is actually the one that talks about Mensa and what he really means by that

One of his upcoming notes is supposed to be on Jacob and Leah, per my suggestion. In my opinion, that's a pretty blatant example of pursuit when it comes down to it. We got a good laugh out of my suggestion that it could be a whole chapter about when the "ugly" girl goes after the guy. Come on, we can all picture it and have seen it in real life.

I can admit that this whole post today could be one of those "you had to be there moments", but sometimes that happens. My shout out for the day is to "Captain Crispy"! Thanks for the laughs because goodness knows, you can never laugh too much.