Does anyone even do stand up comedy anymore?

So, I was trying out my act with a couple of friends tonight. I'm not really sure that stand up comedy is a good choice of a new career path. I mean, unless you are a late night host (or Ellen Degeneres), does anyone do stand up anymore? And, I mean, I really don't want a whole TV show or anything.

I really think they may have been laughing because I was laughing. More laughing than I have done in a while. And to think we were out celebrating my unemployment. I know, weird!

My brain is now fuzzy weird - probably because I need sleep - so I'm not sure where I was going to take this blog. Maybe tomorrow I will share our Dollar Tree discussion. Now that was funny!


Stand Up Comedy said…
In order to start making a living doing Stand-up Comedy you will need to pay your dues. Night after night at Comedy Clubs, in front of diverse audience. Most comedians said it took them about 5 years until they made it (e.g. could quit their day job). Anyway, Good Luck!!!