My career planning post overshadowed by billing stupidity

Tonight's blog post was going to leave you with a simple idea to contemplate. I think my next career is stand-up comedy.

However, at the moment I need medication to cool my annoyance at AT&T. Do you ever notice that if you ever change any service you are sure to be screwed out of your hard earned money?

Last month, I changed from AT&T DSL to UVerse. I have to pay in equipment charges, but was going to get a  good first year deal to make it worth it. I get my bill on Saturday, and have to talk to someone online to fix the rate to what it was supposed to be. The rate on my bill was 2-3 times more what I signed up for. That and they charge you a month in advance vs. the internet service I was on, so the bill was even more than expected.

Plus, all my billing was combined. They couldn't combine online.

Today, I get home and call to combine. They can't combine because of some technicality, but at least I had the sweetest guy taking care of me who was American.

Three hours later, I get my bill that was combined. I can't access my account because what used to be combine is showing up in portions. I get a chat person to help me with getting into my account.

I look at my bill, and I'm getting charged for the old internet plan on this bill. No one at this time of day can help me, so I have to get back on the phone tomorrow to get that charge taken off.

Of course, this is not a good time to have bills much more than they are supposed to be. They'll probably want to credit me in April instead of me not paying as much in March.

In case you didn't catch all of that, I have two way-more-than-they-should-be AT&T bills for the month of March. Two calls and two chat sessions with AT&T, the most frustrating people on earth to deal with.

And I'm no longer to talk about my career move to stand-up comedy.

What company do you hate dealing with?


jennysemon said…
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Stacy Harp said…
At&t...they are horrible, which is why we no longer use them.