What did I do to myself?

I think I somehow poisoned myself  with something I cooked Wednesday night. Or I just got a bug about that time and the two coincided. I somehow managed through work yesterday, but called in today and had to get a few things done from my couch. I only take 1 sick day about every 2 years, so everyone knew I was out of it.

Right now, my head is killing me, so my wit isn't in tack for a great blog tonight.

This morning, I did call my dad to see if he had any tomato soup (the thing I want when I am sick) that mom could drop it by on her way back to work. Some people have moms that pamper them when they are sick, no matter what age. When I'm sick, and my mom (either parent for that matter) has to drop off something for me, I open the door, they stand three feet back and extend the arm with item and hand and turn around to leave.

No, I don't want to be babied, but good grief, a little sympathy would be nice.

I did call her back later and say, "oh, by the way, I know it looked awful because I didn't fix it this morning, but did you notice the inches of my hair that I cut off this week?" (Seeing as she is not a fan of it the longer it grows.)

"You know, I knew it looked different and thought it looked good for you not going to work today."

Thanks, I think.

My plans to get out of town, go to a friend's jewelry party, take her out for lunch since her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and shop for dishes for my party next weekend went up in flames. At this point, I don't think I want to go anywhere. Isn't that just the way it goes? I didn't "need" dishes or jewelry anyway.