I do like some movies, you know

I used to have a reputation, I probably still do, for hating all movies. It was never quite true, but if you saw as many movies over a certain period of time as I did, especially not being the one to pick the movies, you would have probably agreed with me.

Now, Jenny, she would watch about anything. And I do many anything. However, I will share with you the trailer of One for the Money which I saw Sunday night with Rachel and Melissa. Now, I'm going to have to go read the books. Seriously. 

Here is what Jenny and I will be seeing in a couple of weeks. She's already asked me on our Valentine's date because that's what single friends do on Valentine's Day... The Vow.

And as we went into the movie, I looked at a really big display of 21 Jump Street. (I don't know that I ever watched an episode when it was on TV.) I said as I was handing the girl my ticket, "I bet Jenny talks me into seeing that." The girl taking my ticket said, "you have to be talked into Channing Tatum." I said, "that's my point." Trying to find the trailer is the first time I saw the trailer. I think I may change my mind. I'm not THAT into him.

I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books and movies, but I will probably wait for The Lucky One to come on pay per view. That's what I did with The Last Song because Miley Cyrus was in it. And I can't stand her. I think the fact that the previews had the Tybee Island Lighthouse in it is what convinced me to see the movie because I climbed every last step of the lighthouse and wanted to see it. It was just in the preview in passing - I don't think it made the movie. (At least Dear John had Channing Tatum in it.)