Lack of likability

As I sit here trying to figure out how much I am going to finish tonight and how much I'm going to try to do tomorrow, I have The Biggest Loser on. I've seen some comments on Facebook about how people aren't into it as much this season. I have to agree. Why all the DRAMA? Grrrrrrrrrrrr. No joke as to why this is the no excuses season. They are so whiney.

When I get home, I really need to chill and not be frustrated at what I'm watching to relax. The same can be same to The Bachelor. Neither show has anyone likable. I guess drama and conflict is supposed to get ratings. I think it would be more beneficial for everyone if these shows had likable people and someone you can root on! C'mon! It's The Bachelor. He's not even attractive.

Even on The Voice, the judges are purposely trying to get the others riled up. At least that's in the spirit of good fun, but have you noticed how Ceelo is like "whatever" and almost defeated when other judges are vying for a singer? And why does have Christina have to show her chest at all times? Did you see the video from her singing at Etta James' funeral? No one needs to see that at a funeral.

Maybe I'll just start going to bed at 7:00. Nah, I'll take that back. I would have missed this expression on Adam Levine's face at about 40 seconds in. That was worth watching.