That was a bust too

After months of anticipation, I didn't even sit down and watch The Voice last night. Can you believe it? I did record it and watched the first singer before I went to bed.

Long story that just goes along with the whole rest of the weekend/end of last week. I was even supposed to have people over to watch and just told them, "you know, I hate dis-inviting, but let's just not tonight..."

However, my anti-Valentine's party is this coming weekend and it will not be called off. That's where all of my single female friends are coming over for dinner. I'd invite guys, but there's not anyone we know that we want to be there.

And in a hold over from the co-ed Valentine's parties of yesteryear, there will be corn casserole. Jenny and I used to go to Valentine's dinners at a friend of ours (he was a gourmet cook, so she better not expect that from me) and corn casserole was a must. All of the guys at that party have now moved off, gotten married and had children. At least we have each other. And corn. ;)