The little pieces of the puzzle

I really have no idea where life is going to lead me starting March 1, but I'm ready for it. I don't know if I'll end up getting a job in Corsicana or elsewhere. Whether I'll work in the same industry or something completely different, I haven't a clue.

What I do know is that I am going to do somethings differently.

  • Unless I end up with a job that has some kind of bizarre schedule, I will take weekends and work will be done during work hours.
  • I'm going to strengthen my backbone in general and work on my boundaries. 
  • I am going to read more for fun. And possibly take advantage of the review programs that are out there like the reviewers who have been asking for books from me. 
  • I'm going to get out the blanket I started crocheting almost two years ago for one baby. I didn't give myself enough time to work on it before he was born and decided I was going to end up giving it to someone else a few months later (and still didn't get much more of it done). Now, 18 months later, I'm going to pick it up again. I've had the urge to crochet lately. I know, strange.
  • I'm going to get my origami book and fold some paper. I find this strangely relaxing.
  • Take my camera out somewhere and do some photography.
  • Maybe even get out my art supplies and see if I can still draw.
  • I'm going to catch up doing the laundry, fold towels and hang up clothes. 
  • I'm going to actually cook meals instead of whatever it is I've been doing lately. 
  • I'm going to work on my writing skills. 
  • I'm going to make more plans with friends.
  • If I had the money put away, I'd go to Disney World because I deserve it!
I may even get started on some of these things this weekend. I do need to do some resume sending/job applying this weekend too. I need to gather some things for a potential lead.