Maybe that wasn't what I thought it was

Tonight, I'm just not sure what to blog about, but I'm not breaking my string. I guess I'll share my gross story of the day.

I stepped out of the office to take a call from my mom because my reception was not good inside. Once I finished the call, this guy I know was talking up a blue streak. He lived next door to me for a period of time with this older guy, but I never knew what the deal was. It wasn't that kind of thing if you're thinking, "uh, Audra, two guys living together."

Anyway. Tim says, "Did you hear about Les that lived next door to you?"


"He died in his pajamas in his bed. It was 7 days before anyone found him. Did you smell anything?"

So, maybe when I was complaining about my house smelling like sewer it wasn't. I mean, this neighbor was next door. His room was probably 15 feet from my front door. End of gross story of the day.

I don't know, maybe even grosser than that was that he was asking about Amanda. I don't mean Amanda's gross, I mean that he's wanting to talk to her. So not a fit. I tried so hard (and succeeded) not to laugh as he is asking, "who's that tall blond girl? Is she married? Does she have a boyfriend." Aside from the fact that this guy is pushing 50 though he tries to act 20-something and the fact that Amanda is 28, uh, yeah, no. Definitely got my best laugh of the day.

I think he's going to come over tomorrow. Oh, that is something to look forward to!

Ok, no more time to blog. I have to go watch Revenge and fill out job applications during commercials. Always something to do!

Then, have to watch the rest of Survivor that I just got started watching. I'm pulling for the girl who caught the two chickens. I'm amazed she snatched the second one while still holding on to the first one. Girl power!!!


Amanda said…
I am only 27!!!!
I do agree with.... it ain't happenin dude!! :)