No one does this for the fun of it

Yesterday, I intended on focusing on job applications. I entertained Paige instead. I intended to work on them this afternoon after my nap. I slept more instead.

Working on job applications is not fun. While I believe I have talent in promoting other people, promoting myself is something I have always found difficult. Is there anyone out there that actually enjoys this process?

On top of it just not being fun, my computer recognizes my printer, sort of, and doesn't want to scan files to the computer. Therefore, it took extra steps to get my transcripts scanned. Then, it wanted to put the last page first when I made a PDF and would not let me rearrange. Then the PDF form that you filled out would not save, you had to print. If you printed as a PDF, it altered some of the date information. And they want everything in one PDF if you email it. No wonder the first choices were to bring it by in person or mail it. I think I will drop it by.

Let's see if I can write a baseball related blog post so that I can apply for a social media internship that will get me into Ranger games this season. That would be fun!