More little pieces

I realized after I posted last night, while goofing around on Pinterest, that I am going to sometime in the future melt crayons. I've mentioned before that I never wanted to do that until looking at Pinterest.

Also, I'm going start playing Canasta online again. I used to play in online tournaments. I know, really lame. I finally got a couple of games in today after finally getting Java to run right.

I sure didn't get much else done today. I didn't do anything job-hunt-related. That's probably not so good. I can do some of that tomorrow. It's the weekend after all. No one is going to be looking at resumes on a Saturday, right?

I took a nap after going to the grocery store today. That's how exhausting going to the grocery store is.

I just realized that Paige didn't call me back this afternoon. When I talked to her this morning, she was on the way to somewhere (Dallas, I presume) to go shopping. Normally not a shopper, she had some Christmas money, and she planned to spend it all at Hobby Lobby. A girl after my own heart if there ever was one! She said she would call to tell me what all she bought, but I haven't heard from her. I'll have to check with her tomorrow.

For someone who slept until 10:30 (me!), I sure am sleepy right now. It might have something to do with not going to sleep until after 2 AM because I was up on Facebook and Pinterest last night like I had anything compelling that I was looking at. And I could have written a post for this blog tonight earlier in the day.

I'm going to fall asleep blogging like Eutychus did in the Bible lesson for tomorrow morning I was working on earlier. I admit that I often don't get the connection this material is getting at, but tomorrow's lesson is on respect and reference in worship. To me, the two sets of scripture for the lesson don't really go together. And the workbook rambles more than I do about whether Eutychus was being disrespectful by falling asleep.

Personally, I never really thought it was a disrespect thing as much as it was midnight and he fell asleep. Or why he was in a window that he could fall out of. Or just the fact that Paul was able to raise him from the dead.

I think the better example is to tell the children they should not be writing notes to me during worship service. Especially ones to their teacher that say, "I hope you recover soon from your psychoticness."

But then again, that's just me.