What do I say to that?

As frazzled as my brain currently is - just a long day - I'm so glad it's the weekend. I finally got in my last set of Weekly Summary Reports that have been the root of my hatred of Fridays for years. And I do mean hatred of Fridays for years.

For those of you who may be just tuning in, due to the economy, cutbacks, and a restructure, my last day at the job I've had one month shy of 10 years is Wednesday.

I've not told many people that I work with about this myself unless they caught a comment on Facebook within the last two weeks (such as "Please pray for my job search").  The main reaction is, "what are you going to do?"

"Find a job."

I've had a few moments this week, even in response to people within the office, where I've just said, "I'm not sure what I am supposed to say to that."

The few people that I've said anything to are due to things coming up like, "do you have to know today?"

Well, yeah, if I'm going to ever know, I need to know today.

I called one program, not with the intention of really saying anything, when they say, "don't call me until after next Wednesday."

Well, you don't have to worry about that. I instead graciously answered that I'll need to have someone else call them back about it and explain next Wednesday is my last day.

"Why you?"

Now, how am I supposed to answer that? I actually had a comment more interesting than that today that left m bumbling for a response.

One very well meaning person who caught my prayer request on the first day, and Googled my home phone number to call me has asked me every few days how the job search is going. Nothing against him, but it's really none of his business and is kind of discouraging to get the question every few days - at least it will be soon.

Searching for a job can be a full time job. It's not necessarily easy when you have a full time job. After all, I had to do the great search for college transcripts to go with one job application I need to work on this weekend. I haven't needed my transcripts in 12 years. That's not to say that I haven't been searching and networking because I have. It's just going to be a focus of the weekend.

So, anyway, that's where I'm am at the moment. I'm not in a panic. I'm pretty mellow. I'm working on my comedy act. (or not) I'm crocheting. I'm thankful I didn't buy a house...