Was today Valentine's Day?

Oh yeah, I guess today was Valentine's Day. I didn't notice. My day consisted of no chocolate, no flowers, no adoring man, so therefore no special date. Well, if the three white chocolate pretzels that were left in the package count, I guess I did have chocolate, but I'm not sure they do count.

For some reason, who knows why, public school week came early this year and it was my designated day to go have lunch with Peyton and Paige. When I was in school, you might have a parent come one day, on the day that was assigned to your grade. Since Paige is the oldest, she has made it a tradition that someone different comes each day to bring them lunch and take them to the book fair.


I do think a number of their friends do have multiple guests though not every day. The teachers and their friends might go into shock if "Baqbaq" did not make an appearance each year though.

Paige called last night, "Peyton wants to know what you are bringing her for lunch tomorrow." Yeah, right, Paige doesn't every call on Peyton's behalf.

"A bean burrito and Nachos Bel Grande."

"Good, that's what she wanted."

"Yes, I figured as much. It's what I always bring her. Who takes care of her?"

"You do."

"Uh, huh."

"And what do I want, hmmm."

"A 6 inch turkey on white, toasted. Nothing else."

"That sounds good."

"Uh, huh, and who takes care of you?"

"Well, you do, but how do you know us so well?"

"That would be because you are my might as well be mines."

"Yeah, we might as well be."

Spoiled? Yes. Who else is going to go through both Subway and Taco Bell on the way to the school? Probably no one. Here's another question for you. Have you EVER gone to Subway to get meat and bread only? So help me, you should have heard the tone of voice coming from the Subway employee that took my order. "Nothing else? You don't want any cheese or anything?" As if it was an insult to her personally or something.

Well, let me tell you this... they sure don't charge you any less to leave off the cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, bell pepper, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar I would have put on my sandwich had I ordered one for myself.

And yes, at Taco Bell, I ordered the bean burrito minus onions for Peyton. That's really the only thing she's picky about.

Peyton has gotten into reading, thank goodness, so was chomping at the bit for the book fair. "I only got to get one book yesterday because Daddy said that my grandparents and aunt could buy me more books."

The one bad thing about not having any children - being able to tell them their uncle could get them something. Oh wait, I don't think he'd be super uncle to my kids.

Paige's grade had a musical performance playing the recorders (some kind of horns or giant kazoos or something). In her pre-teen angst, Paige did not play and you could tell she was just sucking on the end of it instead of blowing her notes. Don't know what is up with her, but she said she was glad I came today because she didn't want anyone else seeing her.

Her friend have in past years gotten in trouble for all sitting with her when I come, but no one seemed to care today. Tori walked up with her, and Chloe asked if she could come sit with us. I'm not sure where the 4th member of their best friends circle was. I didn't think about it until later. They are a fun bunch. We sang "My Heart's a Stereo" probably like a bunch of fools if anyone could hear us. I have to give Chloe credit, she had the rap down.

Paige was stubbornly saying that she didn't want anything at the book fair except a sock monkey sticker, but I convinced her to get a book. Have I said that I really don't know what her deal is lately?

At least I got my Valentine's hugs and kisses and "I love yous" from the two people in my life that really matter. So from that perspective, it was a good Valentine's Day.