It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

I have to admit, I've been throwing myself my own private pity party recently. Not a special occasion by any means, but marking any number of recent events.

Instead of "one of those days" it's felt like one of those decades lately. Right down to being distracted ten minutes ago in the less than hot shower, turning off the water, reaching up to my head and realizing I made no attempt to wash out the shampoo. At least the shower is still draining properly.

Nothing catastrophic, just a series of life's frustrations. Wishing for a distraction, but knowing I have no time for distractions.

I know everyone gets like this from time to time. So, I ask you to say a prayer for me, especially if you see me wandering around dazed and confused like I was earlier.

Is there anything going on with you that you could use a prayer and some encouragement for? Is so, leave a comment and we'll have a prayer swap.