Hit the wall

I have to admit to hitting a bit of a blogging wall. I know you've noticed less book posting, and I know there are some people who are happy about that. (Although, I do plan to catch up on more reviews soon.) And that's not just because of my job transition.

I think after taking the time to complain about the application process via blog that I only got two done yesterday. One submitted online and one delivered to a human resources office today. I have other leads I'm working on as well, which are very encouraging.

I'm more mellow and relaxed than I've been in some time despite the fact there is an insect of some variety in this room that randomly buzzes. And as it start buzzing more frequently, my irritation grows.

Oh, I can tell you about how on Saturday, my parents (the people who act older than their age) convinced Paige and I go to a 50's music show in Grand Prairie. Thank goodness they only wanted to see the opening act because to stay any longer would be torture. It was easier for us to say yes than say no to the begging. I don't know why they must always try to talk me into such things. They know that I don't enjoy it. And yet...

At least I got some chicken and dumplins at Cracker Barrel out of it.

And here's the really exciting bit of info. I may get to meet Jenny's Yankee Pinhead on Wednesday. That indeed is something to look forward to!