Worst hostess ever

If there were an award for the worst hostess ever, I could possibly be nominated by my friends. For the second time within a week, I have uninvited friends to my house, calling off a party.

I know you were anxiously awaiting stories from a group of 7 single women having an anti-Valentine's party, but if you want to read stories about that, I'm sorry to say that you will have to find another blog somewhere. I do have to say that I bet it would not be as funny as mine would have been.

This week, I am not feeling up to it in a different way. I found out yesterday that for the first time in ten years that I have to find another job. Not looking for the sake of a change, but will not have a paycheck three weeks from now. The economy hits everyone sooner or later.

I couldn't bring myself to the thought of cleaning house, cooking and entertaining right now. While I know all of my friends would be of great support, it may have been more support that I could handle at once. Between just being in a shocked state of mind and my neck and shoulders hurting, I didn't get much sleep. I imagine by party time that I may be half asleep. Except Jenny and I are going to go see Channing Tatum as an alternative and I cannot sleep through that.

If you know of any job leads, please let me know, and if you think about it, a prayer about the situation sure wouldn't hurt. I would appreciate it.