Welcome to the neighborhood

Last night, I shared that the man who lived in the building next door had died around Christmas. I don't know my neighbors, and people move in and out of rental property so often, especially in these duplexes I live in. By far, I've lived here the longest. Longer than the other 7 units put together. While I didn't know what happened, I did notice it was empty.

Tonight when I came home later than I should have from the office, all things considered, there were 5 cars out front and several in the back. I guess they are having a moving in party tonight. Either the neighbors or a cat had triggered the motion light before I drove up. I noticed a cat.

I've noticed cats a lot lately. They show up every few months. During mating season. Last night one was growling like a lion or something unlike any cat noise I have ever heard. I think that's the main reason that I don't like cats... Their sounds.

The motion light does not light the back porch. When I stepped onto the porch. I heard a cat that I could not see run off.

I screamed. Realizing how many people were within 20 feet next door, I decided to yell, "stupid cat." This is so they would know why I was screaming.

Now, I am sure the new neighbors wonder about me.

Speaking of neighbors, the yahoos that live next door were banging around as usual, and I meant to got see if anything fell off the wall. I may not want to know.

No, this blog has no point tonight. It's just a ridiculous ramble. But then again, that's why you read this blog, right? ;)